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But I find that it adds some valuable flavor to an interpretation.


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Table of Planets, Mantras, Chakras, Ring Placement, Metal To Be Used

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Why the animosities between neutrals and benefics? Guru vs. Budha Professor Budha is mentally discriminating.

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Bantering Budha's overarching purpose is to stimulate more and more exquisitely detailed mental discrimination in the thinking human. Professor Guru is inclusively non-discriminating. Guru is fundamentally opposed to categorical discrimination. Guru teaches the highest dharma outlook, worldview , at which level of perception there is no role for mental discrimination! At the level of Brihaspati's teaching, the dharma includes all, embraces all, honors all, understands all.

It is important to appreciate that Kumara is the younger one. It is necessary for the native to complete Budha's tutorial along the spiritual path before one can be in a position to apprehend the massively awesome dharma of Brihaspati. Nevertheless, the philosophical teaching program of the Great Sage is permanently at loggerheads with the mental training program of the Quick Minded Adolescent.

Rather ironically, at the higher levels of consciousness, one must unlearn some of the values of the lower education. For example, it becomes necessary to surrender attachment to the distinction between human right and wrong. But this surrender should occur only AFTER the distinction has been acquired so that the native can apply the discrimination skill in human society as needed to protect those with lower consciousness.

Naturally, Budha enters the nichha state in Guru's rashi of Meena. Interestingly, a nichha-bhanga parivartamsha Budha - extremely non-discriminating or childlike thinking projected to a high level of clairsentient awareness Meena - may be found in the nativities of some great teaching mystics such as Theory of Relativity Physics Albert Einstein. Zukra vs.

Guru Brihaspati prefers a one-to-many , professor-to-class, preacher-to-congregation, divine-to-worshippers modality that focus upon wisdom and inclusion. In other words, nature of Mercury depends upon the nature of planet influencing it. It should be remembered that all natural malefic planets do not always produce negative results.

Lesson 6-Planetary Friendship | Vedic Astrology Guide

Similarly, all natural benefic planets do not always give positive results. Good or bad effect depends up on several other factors like ownership, placement and aspects etc. We will discuss these factors later. Let us start with first factor i. Generally, any planet gives positive results in exalted sign uchcha rashi , own sign swa-rashi , and friendly sign mitra-rashi in this order. In other words, exalted planets give best results, planets in own sign give second best results and planets in friendly sign gives third best result, if we want to quantify. This is very important table and should be memorized.

If you find it difficult to memorize initially, there is no need to get frightened. Eventually with the time and practice, you would learn it automatically.

Planetary Gem Tables

I am sharing a simple but rough formula to memorize above table. Roughly we can classify planets into two groups that are inimical to each other:. As I said earlier, this is just a rough formula and there are some exceptions to it which you can note down from above table. How to use above table? Those planets, which are placed in the signs of friendly planets or located with friendly planets, produce positive results. Similarly, if a planet is situated in sign of enemy planet or positioned with an enemy planet tends to produce diminished positive results.

Let me take an example.