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What a wonderful creation. Is there anybody who is arrangingThe Sun rises in the east, the constellation? I wonder who reminds them I wonder how these things happen!

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Is there anybody inside thecoconut to fill water? How does the Elephant earPlant repel water? The lioncalled a meeting. All the animals were happy whiledigging the well. Hesat there and slept. The next day they got water from the well. Theking said we will not allow the lazy wolf to drink water from thiswell.

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The wolf went to the king and played some tricks. In this waythe king allowed him to drink water from the well. Kalamandalam Venkitaraman at KallekulangharaKathakaligramam. The magnificent colours, the costumes, thepostures, the gait, the grunts, the music- the melody everythingattracted me to this great art. Kathakali derived its name from twowords: Katha means the story and Kali means play. In Kathakali the characters never speak. The emotional state is transferred through expressions with the support of Music and percussions.

Kathakali used to be presented from late evening to early morning and often used to continue many succeeding nights. The characters of this theater are grouped on the basics of three gunas Qualities — Satwa, Rajas and Thamas. Righteous characters whoare gentle and soft are known as Minukku, righteous characters whoare royal ones are Pacha, dignified warriors with little aggressive A character is assigned to any one of the roles depending upon theSthayibhava A pre dominant emotional status and mood.

Pacha has predominant green colour while Kathy has a Knife like red mark drawn by the sides of nose and have a ball like projection on nose and forehead. The antagonists Chuvanna thaddi and kari have huge head gears and are fearsome in appearance. They have elaborate decorations on their breast. Chuvannathaadi has a bigred beard around its chin while kari male hasa black one. In other words they show their teethin time.

Kathakali was generally dominated by male performers andartists. It is no more an art of men. Participation of women in this artform has increased with time. There are female artists who have takenup kathakali as a professional career like Chavara Paarukuttyammaand Kottarakara Ganga and those who perform but pursue otherprofessions like Geetha Verma, Parvathy Menon, Ranjini Sajeev etc.

I know pursing this art has many obstacles like rigorous andprolonging periods of training, performing timings and otherphysiological aspects. In spite of all these limitations I would like topursue this art to the maximum. I have performed purappad krishnan , kuchelavritham Rukmini , lavanasuravadham Lavan Worshipping of sun, moon, stars, rivers, plants and trees are part and parcel of our culture and tradition to this day. The concept of adoption of a plant is been derived from Indian culturalhistory.

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The Indian astrology isbased on the concept of Nakshatras Constellations and Rashis as per moon signs. There are in all 27 Nakshatraspresent in a year and everyindividual has Mr. It is believed that the tree of Nakshatrain which the person is born gives strength to him. We don't saythat it, or for that matter astrology as such, should be believed,but Nakshatra Vana forest is an attractive idea and a way toencourage growing trees.

We may believe in astrology or not. But we will definitelyagree to one simple thing, that, this concept of plant adoption wasone of the most smartly planned conservation strategies by ourancestors. Today looking at our 'selfish' and 'just consume'attitude towards the whole-n-soul of our life - Mother Nature, wefind it really necessary to rejuvenate and spread this concept ofadopting at least one plant per person..!

M. T. Vasudevan Nair

Trees corresponding to Nakshtras and Rashis : Constellation Malayalam Name TreeNo. English name1. Aswathy Kanjiram Nux vomica2. Bharani Nelli Indian Gooseberry3. Karthika Atthi Cluster Fig4. Rohini Njaval Jamun5.

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Makayiram Karingali Cucth Tree6. Thirvathira Kumbil Cashmere Tree7. Punartham Mula Bamboo8. Pooyam Arayal Sacred Fig9. Aayilyam Nagapoo Messua Tree Makam Peral Banyan Tree Pooram Chamata Flame of the Forest Uthram Ithi Indian Laurel Atham Ambazham Hog Plum Chithira Koovalam Beal Tree Chothi Neermaruthu Arjuna Tree Visakham Vayamkatha Governor's Plum Anizham Elanji Bullet Wood Tree Ketta Pachotti Bodh Tree Moolam Veluthakunthirikom White Dammar Pooradam Samudrakai Fish Poison Tree Uthradam Pilavu Jack Fruit Tree Thiruvonam Erukku Gigantic Swallow Avittam Paarampu Indian Gum Tree Chathayam Kadambam Kadam Tree Pooruruttati Mavu Mango Tree Uthrattathi Veppu Margosa Tree In the beginning it felt weird but slowly weunderstood its importance.

He told us to do it everyday as aroutine but not everyone followed. I started writing notes andsummaries and it helped me a lot. At the same time he toldeveryone to write letters to editors about the current happenings. I was sad but did not give up. The nextday the letter came and I felt very happy. Writing letters to editors of our nationalnewspapers is an effective and easy wayto reach a large audience with currentupdates and express the importance ofissues to the community.

I feel, byproviding additional information, the evidence may bestrengthened. It provides first time writers some insight into theprocess of writing a letter to the editor. My happiness knew no bounds oncemore when my second letter also gotpublished and won a cash prize of Rs. Viswanathan K. He inspired andinstructed the entire class XIstudents to start writingletters to the editors of variousEnglish dailies. It was my letterwhich was number one amongthe whole lot of letters ofclass XI students which got published.

This synergic tempo continued and this isthe secret behind the publication of 15 letters from 11th-B, 10 from11th-A and 17 from 11th-C- together 42 letters.

ചിത്തിര നാളിന്റെ ഗുണവും ദോഷവും - Chithira Nakshatra Characteristics JYOTHISHAM - Malayalam Astrology

The teacher had given clear rubrics about writing notes and summaryof the editorial of English newspaper which equipped us to write theletters to the editor. This success came after one month of ourjoining in 11th standard.