March 14 astrology eclipse

Likewise, many Leos, Aquarians and Taureans have been knocked off their feet these last few weeks as they process and let go of ideas, situations, old patterns and people. For anyone who has already done this work of letting go, then this time represents an adjustment to the new situation. The reason that fixed signs have been largely struggling with this energy is that by nature the fixed signs are good at hanging on.

They persist; they persevere. They keep on keeping on. And now, life is asking them to stop being so consistent and let something change. Not easy for this group. Personally, I had to let go of some old childish concepts about love and how love works. It was hard and painful and at the same time very, very rewarding. Have a tissue handy. Less than 48 hours after having a dramatic release of my own, I stumbled across this plaque which I will now be displaying on my desk so I can read it each day.

Planetary Trends for December by Belinda Dunn

It was my sign that I had done the work I needed to do, because I was struggling with the concept of receiving love and this expression takes the very words of the Gabriel song and rearranges them in a solution to my question which was: how can I feel love with my concepts of love shattered? If you do, then this eclipse is personal for you. Basically, Mars is approaching 7 degrees where the planet Uranus is at this time.

This is a general influence that could be reflected in the overall mood or actions of people and a few of the catch phrases for this combination of planets would be explosive action, inventive burst, scattered energy, unexpected aggression or disruption. So, some people who are feeling this in its most positive expression have been exhibiting bursts of creative energy. Most likely this would be people with natal planets in early degrees of Leo, Sagittarius and possibly Aries. Others, who are getting the tougher side of this conjunction, are feeling angry, explosive, volatile, threatened, put upon, reckless, irritated, thwarted, accident prone, rushed, jostled and jangled.

This would be people with natal planets in early degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and again possibly Aries. All people should take care right now to drive safely rather than recklessly and to watch out for people who are distracted or whose tempers are being irrationally triggered.

This is a good time to exercise caution especially in high risk sports and to move forward on original or creative projects. You get the idea. If so, you will most likely feel this one personally. Easier times for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Yes you do my Aries friend! Today is the day that Saturn, planet of slow progress, hard work and harsh realities is moving out of Libra where it has been opposing Aries since July of These last twenty-seven months have dampened the spirits of, not just Aries, but all of the cardinal signs including Cancer, Libra and Capricorn causing these folks to realistically assess what work needed doing in their lives while holding them to a practical standard that often felt painfully slow and laborious.

This is the practical standard to which Saturn holds all he encounters. Get the drudgery done. Do what is required.