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Top ou Flop : Camila Cabello? Top ou Flop : Ellie Goulding. Top ou Flop: Ezra Miller. Masque pour le visage miracle au curcuma : la recette ici! Les tendances manucures qu'on verra partout cet automne. Connaissez-vous vraiment Stephen King? Pourquoi le sexe est si important dans le couple?

Rigorous Intuition: Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part Four)

Les essentiels pour un massage en couple. Tout sur le farro. DIY : Pastilles nettoyantes 2 en 1 pour le lavabo. Comment bien choisir ses draps. Les 10 couleurs de peinture les plus tendances de l'automne ! DIY : Nettoyant en pommade pour les meubles en bois. Quoi de neuf avec FibreOP? Votre guide du moment. Les sujets chauds de l'heure. I don't think any of the simple answers are correct.

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Again, I thank every one of you for your responses and comments to what I have shared with you. No person has the ultimate answers to anything. We'll all be learning, all of our lives. All I ask from each of you is that you be willing to learn and savor the purest truth you can find, and that you keep your hearts open to the survivors. I promise to do the same. We need you! The world needs you!

Someone mentioned that I'm still in contact with folks from my past. I am not in contact with anyone other than my husband, who is actively working on his own "issues. Although I was quite tempted to join them at first, I instead chose to work very hard to recover and integrate and know my truest self, as much as I possibly can.

To keep contact with them would sabotage my recovery. More concerns have been expressed about my not being willing to give names. This is true. HOWEVER, I inserted many clues in Unshackled for junior and senior detectives and anyone else who has free time and an itch to follow-up on some of the clues.