Horoscope dhier du ariesn

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Texting style of zodiac signs. Why are you single?

FULL MOON in Virgo March 12th 2017~

Are you a bit bored with the same old routine and are waiting for something more exciting to come along? The Four of Cups is a bit like that feeling. The Fours The calm and stability of the four means rest and a general pause in activity. The number 4 is the number of material stability therefore it is associated with firm foundations, security, systems, order and discipline. In the passive, receptive energy of Cups the stabilising influence can lead to boredom, apathy and inaction.

When this card turns up you can feel stuck in a rut, dissatisfied with what used to be enjoyable. It can be a sign of potential boredom in a relationship —you want more and wonder what is next. A change or new interest is needed.