Cancer weekly 10 to 16 tarot reading 2020

Romantic time-traveling could be a thing for Cancers this Monday, November 11, as the Sun and Mercury retrograde mash up in Scorpio and your fifth house of amour. Try to ride out this moment with willpower engaged. There are no laws against using this as fantasy fodder, Cancer. And no hidden cameras in your brain! Enjoy the scintillating memory but stop short of actually texting your ex. Even if it WAS bad timing that interfered with your love affair, this is not the week to poke at old wounds.

That said, these memories have a deeper message. Think back to the "you" that you were while in the mad throes of passion. You don't have to throw your life into a tailspin just to welcome sexy back. But you CAN dress up, go dancing or stay up 'til the break of dawn with your night owl friends. Your inner rebel has not abandoned you, Crab! Pour the bubbly on Tuesday! With the Taurus full moon igniting your team-spirited eleventh house, you could be celebrating a victory with your squad. Even if the Crab Crew is nowhere near the finish line, a morale-boosting happy hour would do everyone good.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Raise a toast to what you've accomplished so far. November 1, to March 22, will see the beginning of the most profound cycle of monetary conversion, belt-tightening and economic scepticism regarding global finance since WWII. For the first time in our modern history, Jupiter, planet of money, capitalism, greed, law, order, religion, mass migration, displacement, and living standards, will astrologically scuttle Saturn, planet of orthodoxy, politics, ordeals, limitation and restriction.

This planetary combination will then initiate a chain reaction as both planets mould together and blitz Pluto, planet of conflict, espionage, betrayal, defiance, corruption and annihilation in the zodiac sign of Capricorn political views, factions, security, infrastructure and global commerce. Also, for the first time in 84 years and adding to international troubles, Uranus, planet of major, radical, unexpected disruption and change, will continue to transit the fiscal sign of Taurus until April , completely upsetting global negotiations and restructuring financial systems, world trade, stock markets, agriculture, mining, general living and future economic standards.

Unfortunately, this immediate, extraordinary planetary combination does not end in March —it is just the beginning of a disarrayed cycle, that will continue in this present phase until December 26, Times are going to be tough around the globe, so expect extreme elements and change to befall unexpectedly, and no country will be exempt. The Sun power in November will be in transit through the zodiac signs of Scorpio secrets, finances until the 22nd then passage the sign of Sagittarius ethics, direction for the remaining part of the month.

During November 4 — 7, Mars aggression will clash with Pluto destruction , influencing corruption, genocide, violence, wars, obliteration, displacement, hardship and calamities for many of those living in hostile and undeveloped countries. During November, Mars fire will link with Jupiter extensive causing massive destruction, fires, loss of life, and medical, water, electricity and food shortages. During November, Mars assault will clash with Uranus disruption bringing the month to a crescendo of rapid disarray.

However, all is not lost, with a new Moon in Sagittarius concessions on the 27th at am AEST and Mercury negotiations forming a positive aspect with Neptune inspiration until the end of the month, this will be an advantageous time for governments to negotiate and accomplish creative ideas, trade deals, ceasefires, peace treaties and transient stability.

The planetary aspects in November will also influence and encourage governments, bankers, insurers, multicorporate organisations and companies to honour their promises, pledges, compensations and support for those who have suffered complex human needs and personal interactions. November will be a month that influences considerable financial adjustment and cautiousness that will affect topics such as loans, interest rates, eradication, disconnection, transferring and transformation of monies, securities, charities, superannuation, pension funds, saving and retirement programs, taxes and trusts.

Those who have been awaiting compensation, claims, inheritance, insurance payouts, commissions, disability benefits, unfair dismissal claims, foreclosures, disputed gifts, bond repayments and settlements can expect a successful solution, especially when Mars action enters Scorpio finance from the 19th. Governments, banks, stock markets and the legal profession will be exceptionally busy with various issues related to fraud, banking and financial policies, remuneration and law making in November.

At present the Nodes are in reverse transit through the home economics and personal security sign of Cancer. Growth in gross domestic product slowed considerably.

Weekly Horoscope for Sunday, November 10, | Georgia Nicols

At present , the Nodes in Cancer security are in opposition to the sign of Capricorn commerce and the Nodes are creating pressure with Saturn restriction and Pluto catastrophes in the business-related sign of Capricorn, and soon to be backed-up by Jupiter banking in Capricorn corporate on December 3, , for a month cycle. Many economic and financial bombshells will be in store. Be prepared.