Astrology for the soul january 15 2020

Come together with like-minded souls, put our heads and hearts together and re-member our humanness. Let's all slow down, take charge of our lives, and be the true "authors of our own lives" authority , that we were born to be! There really is no hurry, As the mysteries of life and death, Reveal themselves subtly, in each and every breath. We all carry those energies inside of us. All those word vibrations relate to someone who is on a journey towards something more.

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This journey takes them into unknown lands, unfamiliar encounters, relationships, meetings with teachers, saints, liars and all the rest. For Dutch listeners! Here is this week's Pele Report with Dutch subtitles. Everything has a beginning, but, The end is determined by, How much love I give and take, With who, for what, and why.

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Saturn can be a cruel taskmaster as he calls each of us to stand tall, in integrity, and become more self secure through each experience. Wishing you the best!

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Made it to Thailand!! I am preparing for an amazing workshop at The Sanctuary, nestled in the remote jungle of Haad Tien Bay! We'll be feeling into our charts with movement and music, as well as standard interpretation.

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This is sure to be life-changing. If you're feeling "moved" you can still join us! October , Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Saturn went direct!!!!! Forward Ho! We're giving this amazing course at this amazing price just 'til the end of the month.